COVID-19 Weekly Regional Update

COVID-19 Weekly Regional Update

Michelle Pinon
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Case counts continue to rise in Alberta. The total number of COVID-19 cases reached 29,932 as of November 2.

The province provided a breakdown of the daily numbers as well. There were 581 cases on Oct. 30, 525 cases on Oct. 31, 592 cases on Nov. 1, and 570 on Nov. 2.

There were 6,110 active cases, 167 people were in hospital with 27 people in intensive care, and 338 deaths. There were a total of 23,484 recovered cases. A total of 1,290,323 tests were completed.

In the region there were 16 cases, 8 active cases, 8 recovered cases, and 0 deaths in Veg/Minburn County. There were 19 cases, 1 active case, 17 recovered cases, and 1 death in Two Hills County. There were 18 cases, 4 active cases, 14 recovered cases, and 0 deaths in Lamont County. There were 25 cases, 24 active cases, 1 recovered case, and 0 deaths in Beaver County (Tofield West). There were 74 cases, 0 active cases, 74 recovered cases, and 0 deaths in Beaver County (Viking East).

The province also stated, “Currently, about 10 percent of schools are on outbreak or alert, with 778 confirmed cases in these schools. Of those, 135 schools are on alert, with 168 total cases. Outbreaks are declared in 117 schools, including 50 that are on watch. There are 610 total cases linked to these schools. In-school transmission has likely occurred in 99 schools. Of these, 56 have had only one new case. A total of 173 schools have now been removed from the alert list.”




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