A. L. Horton School’s Remembrance Day Plans

A. L. Horton Remembrance Day Plans

Rosanne Fortier
News Correspondent

A. L. Horton School will still be honouring Remembrance Day with the COVID-19 pandemic happening, but they will be hosting it in a more quiet way for their students.

Ralph Arndt, Assistant Principal said A.L. Horton School, said they might be participating in the Legion’s Poster and Literary Contest this year. “We have to wait and see about this contest as there is still a lot of planning that goes into it.  But we will consider participating in it,” Arndt said.

He added they have to do things a bit differently this year Remembrance Day ceremonies because of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We can’t have gatherings in the gym and are only allowed a certain number of people in the gym. Unfortunately, this year we have to do classroom ceremonies where we will be showing videos to the students and do other things like that because students will have to observe the event in the classroom. There will still be the two minutes of silence and the area will have decorations in it. Then since we can’t have visitors in the building, we will be posting photos on the internet of the event.”