School Board Trustees Elected Oct. 18

School Board Trustees Elected Oct. 18

Michelle Pinon

Unofficial election results have been released for school board trustees. Official results will be available on Oct. 22.

Here are the following elected trustees in our circulation area:

*Denotes Winner

School Board Unofficial Election Results

Elk Island Catholic Schools

Sherwood Park Ward 1 Subdivision 1

*Jean Boisvert 3,763 votes

*Le-Ann Ewaskiw 4,071 votes

*Ted Paszek 3,833 votes

*Dean Sarnecki 4,241 votes

Don Marceau 3,337 votes

Sherwood Park Ward 1, Camrose Electoral Subdivision 2

*Shelley Charchun 623 votes

Ron Baier 433 votes

Sherwood Park Ward 1 Vegreville Electoral Subdivision 3

*Teresa Makowecki Acclaimed

Fort Saskatchewan Ward 2

*Al Stewart Acclaimed

 Battle River School Division

City of Camrose Ward 1

*Doug Algar 2,157 votes

*Patrick McFeely 1,561 votes

Melissa Rozema 1,439 votes

Beaver County Ward 2

*Lyle Albrecht 755 votes

Zsuzsanna Hemperger 735 votes

Brett Huculak 677 votes

Camrose County Ward 3

*Karen Belich Acclaimed

Flagstaff County Ward 4

*Dwight Dibben Acclaimed

Buffalo Trail Public Schools

Ward 1 (Minburn, Innisfree, Mannville and area)

*Kara Jackson Acclaimed

Ward 2 (Provost, Amisk, Hughenden and area)

*Barry Livingstone Acclaimed

Ward 3

Electoral Subdivision #1 (Town of Wainwright)

*Stephanie Cooper Acclaimed

Electoral Subdivision #2 (East of Hwy 41 and Chauvin, Edgerton)

*Stephanie Spornitz Acclaimed

Electoral Subdivision #3 (West of Hwy 41 and Irma)

*Tanya Ford Elected

Ward 4

Electoral Subdivision #1 (Town of Vermilion)

*Darla Yonkman Elected

Electoral Subdivision #2 (Rural Vermilion)

*Jim King Elected

Electoral Subdivision #3 (Kitscoty, Paradis Valley and Area)

*Jessica Kaastrup Elected

Electoral Subdivision #4 (Dewberry, Marwayne and Area)

*David Bensmiller Elected

 Aspen View Public Schools

Ward 1 (North West)

*Nancy Sand Acclaimed

 Ward 2 (North Central)

*Anne Karczmarczyk 813 votes

Dennis MacNeil 710 votes

Amber Schmidt 442 votes

Ward 3 (North East)

*Candy Nikipelo Acclaimed

Ward 4 (South West)

*April Bauer Acclaimed

 Ward 5 (South Central)

*Elohne Chizawsky Acclaimed

Ward 6 (South East)

*Donna Cherniwchan Acclaimed

Elk Island Public Schools

Electoral Subdivision #1 (City of Fort Saskatchewan)

*Ralph Sorchan 2,719 votes

*Jacqueline Shotbolt 2,251 votes

Sarah Murphy 1,393 votes

Malori Howe 787 votes

Electoral Subdivision #2 (Hamlet of Sherwood Park)

*Cathy Allen 9,013

*Trina Boymook 7,958 votes

*Don Irwin 5,457 votes

Annette Hubrick 4,917 votes

David Basisty 4,019 votes

Tamara Peters 3,162 votes

Sharon Gach 2,520 votes

Lamont County #30 Ward

*Colleen Holowaychuk Acclaimed

Ward Electoral Subdivision #3

Electoral Subdivision #3 (Lands lying north of Hwy 630)

*Susan Miller 1,495 votes

Lynnaea Rawlings 1,072 votes

Electoral Subdivision #4 (Lands lying south of Hwy 630)

*Jim Suetter 2,040 votes

Jason Milne 1,524 votes

County of Minburn #27 Ward

*Randy Footz Acclaimed

St. Paul Education Regional Division No.1

Ward A

*Darcy Younghans 422 votes

Lorne Young 380 votes

Connie Henderson 270 votes

Ward B

*Jan Rajoo Acclaimed

Ward C

*Sylvie Smyl 1,401 votes

*Lorette Andresen 1,020 votes

Connie Landsiedel 904 votes

Ward D

*Heather Starosielski 652 votes

Suzanne Stybel 238 votes

Glen Avon

*Dwight Wiebe Acclaimed