Mundare Pharmacy Break-in, Carjackings and Arrests

Mundare Pharmacy Break-in, Carjackings and Arrests

Michelle Pinon
News Advertiser

Shortly after 3 am on Nov. 16 thieves broke into the Mundare Pharmacy and stole a substantial number of drugs before burning the truck used in the crime and taking off in a get away vehicle.

Sgt. Robert Daisley, Commander of the Two Hills RCMP detachment, said he was dispatched at 5:45 am regarding a car jacking on Highway 29. “When we were on our way, we got a second call saying there was a second car jacking, basically at the same location.

So, then we got there we saw there, we saw a bunch of medication in these vehicles and found out there was a break and enter at the Mundare Pharmacy. So, we are obviously investigating if they are connected.

It turns out that a group of four people go to Mundare. They steal a truck, use that truck to do the break and enter at the pharmacy. Transfer the drugs into their get away vehicle. Burn the truck that they stole and start heading to Edmonton.

They put their truck in the ditch and one of the guys walks to a nearby farm to get some help and when the person at the farm helps them out. They end up stealing his truck at gun point. So, this guy goes back to his farm. They take his truck, and load a bunch of medication into it, drive about 150 feet and get stuck. Now they have two vehicles in the ditch.

Now they carjack the next vehicle that comes down the road. They flag him down for help. When he stops to help, they point a shot gun at him, demand that he gets out of his vehicle; which he wisely does. Three of the four get into the car now and drive away. They drive that car about 10 miles and put that one in the ditch.

Then they walk to a farm and ask for a ride, and then they get a ride into Waskatenau and get a couple of hotel rooms there. So, we posted on Facebook that we were looking for this car. Find out these people got a ride to the hotel there. We go there and surround the hotel. They surrender peacefully and we get the shot gun. Three of the four people went into the car and the fourth one stayed at the scene and got arrested at the scene there.”

Sgt. Daisley said the suspects were placed under arrest around Noon. We held the hotel rooms until midnight and then executed a search warrant on those hotel rooms there. Search began a few minutes after midnight and we were done 33 minutes after.

Several bags of drugs were seized, however, the estimated value of the drugs has yet to be determined. Sgt. Daisley said they are still determining the charges. A lead investigator will be working through the weekend. He added that, “No names have been released as they haven’t sworn the information.”