MLA Seeking UCP Nomination in Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville

MLA Seeking UCP Nomination in Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville

Michelle Pinon
News Advertiser

It was reported by Dave Cournoyer of Alberta Politics on Feb. 23 that MLA Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk is running the United Conservative Party, (UCP) nomination in Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville.

The article, posted on the Alberta Politics website, also stated that a nomination meeting had been scheduled for March 24.

According to the UCP website, “The United Conservative Party nomination contest for Fort Saskatchewan – Vegreville is open effective today, February 17, 2022. The application must be accompanied by the signatures of 50 party members who reside in the Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville constituency.

Applicants must also provide $1,000 payable to the United Conservative Party, of which $500 will be remitted to the constituency in which the nomination is being contested, that is non-refundable and is not a donation, and $1000 payable to the United Conservative Party as a refundable good conduct bond returned at the discretion of the PCSC at the end of the election to which it applies.

Nomination applications are due March 3 at 5 pm MST.”

The Vegreville News Advertiser reached out to MLA Armstrong-Homeniuk as well as UCP media for an official comment and further information, but had not received a response prior to deadline. Armstrong-Homeniuk was first elected in 2019 after defeating incumbent Jessica Littlewood.

The UCP will be holding an in-person special general meeting for its members on April 9 in Red Deer where they will conduct a leadership vote and training workshop.

In Alberta there are a total of 87 constituencies as established by Elections Alberta.