Lakeland MP Issues Statement on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Lakeland MP Issues Statement on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Michelle Pinon
News Advertiser

Lakeland MP Shannon Stubbs took to Facebook Feb. 24 to share her personal thoughts on the invasion of Russia against Ukraine.

She stated, “The invasion and attack on Ukraine is infuriating and devastating. It’s extremely personal for so many people and families that I represent in Lakeland, so it weighs heavy on my heart and mind.

In my view, it’s also a global emergency. Putin’s regime makes no secret of aggressively pursuing territorial and economic dominance. If you look at Ukraine’s position on the map, and its resources and critical infrastructure, you can see its importance to Russia’s imperials aims.

And where is Canada under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau? Too little too late. Since last April, Conservatives called on the Liberals to use sanctions, provide lethal weapons and military technology, resources, and reinforcements, to Ukraine as Russia steadily encroached. Prime Minister Trudeau did not react beyond threatening modest sanctions until literally less than two weeks ago.

Europe’s stability and security is inextricably linked with Canada’s. Canada could have been a key natural gas supplier to Europe but the Liberals road blocked and failed to establish and serious LNG export capacity from Canada.

Canada also could have enabled domestic North American energy security, and Canadian energy self sufficiency and supply, but the Liberals blocked pipelines at every opportunity. Today, Canada and the US now spend hundreds of millions of dollars buying Russian oil while Putin invades Ukraine.

This is a colossal failure and tragedy on so many levels, it is almost too difficult to grasp or convey properly.

So, please pray for Ukraine. And please pressure the Liberals to take the actions Conservatives have been calling on them to do for months.

But please also resolve to demand that Canadian leaders never fail all of us in this short sighted and unforgivable way again.”