Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Another Chapter in Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Arthur Beaudette
News Advertiser – Opinion

In a move that very few people, never mind leaders would pull, this past weekend PM Trudeau did exactly what our government has been telling us NOT to do.

As if posting selfies within a day of the first Canadian death due to COVID-19 wasn’t enough, Trudeau seems to have wanted to try his hand again at flipping the bird to the electorate. Clearly, just like laws against interfering with something like the SNC Lavalin file, the “stay at home” orders were meant for mere mortals and not our illustrious PM.

Those who have been following the news across the country will know that bridges between Ottawa, ON and Gatineau, QC are being manned by police and people who are not essential workers are being turned back. No walks to parliament hill, no crossing to get your favorite takeout in Quebec and no visits to a church, museum, family or the canal. No, none of that is allowed, because as we all know, we are to stay at home. Quebec and to a lesser extent Ontario are currently Canadian hot spots for COVID-19 and the rules there are much stricter than here in Alberta.

Prior to the Easter weekend celebrated by many Canadians, PM Trudeau, as part of his weekly address, was very clear to Canadians. “This weekend is going to be very different. You’ll have to stay home. You’ll have to Skype that big family dinner and the Easter egg hunt.” He went on to say “During the long weekend, we will all have to stay home. We cannot have gatherings for dinner and we’ll have to be creative to organize an Easter egg hunt inside the house.”

What followed? Well a trip to the cottage of course!

Trudeau’s motorcade was assembled along with his full entourage of security and one can assume other support staff. Maybe a chef and maid or childcare? They then traveled about 27 km across the very lines others are prevented from crossing (the provincial boundary) and through at least 3 municipalities.

To clarify, Trudeau did the exact opposite that his own appointed Chief Public Health Officer, Theresa Tam has been harping about for weeks. Quebec Premier Francois Legault and Ontario Premier Doug Ford have also made the same statements and Quebec has even imposed travel restrictions. The message? Do NOT go to the cottage. Stay in your primary residence. Do not attend church or visit family.

Fortunate for the PM is the fact that the rules that apply to you and I don’t apply to him. We must sacrifice just as brave men and women in military and those fighting this pandemic on the front lines. If you are in doubt, you may want to search out his messages leading up to Good Friday.

Just to be sure we noticed, Trudeau did not shy away from posting a few selfies of he and his family for his adoring fans. Photos of their very enjoyable Easter Egg hunt OUTSIDE at the COTTAGE which he drove to as he thumbed his nose at the peons hunkered down in their homes doing what was necessary and making real sacrifices.

I’m sure a tearful apology is coming. Just keep paying your taxes.

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