MLA Discusses COVID Mental Health Action Plan

MLA Discusses COVID Mental Health Action Plan

Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk

What is the COVID Mental Health Action Plan?

This is part of Alberta’s Government strategy to support the mental health and wellness of Albertans during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this action plan we have provided $53 million dollars in funding to organizations that support the mental health and addiction recovery of Albertans. These times have been hard on the mental health of all Albertans and our Provincial Government will ensure Albertans have access to the crucial mental health supports they need.

Did any organizations in Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville receive this funding?

I’m happy to announce that the Two Hills Adult Learning Council has received grant funding of over $88,000 as well, the Town of Vegreville received $82,500 dollars in grant funding. The Adult Learning Council was established in 1973 and it continues to coordinate, encourage, and promote lifelong learning within the Community of Two Hills and the surrounding area. It is great to see such wonderful organizations here in Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville who continue to provide crucial supports to Albertans during these difficult times.

How will this program help with Alberta’s Recovery?

It is no secret that many Albertans have struggled with their mental health over the course of the pandemic. In order to recover, we are going to need an all hands-on deck approach, we will need that true Albertan spirit of hard work and resilience. That is why Alberta’s government has continued to support organizations who strengthen the mental health and wellness of Albertans. This ensures Albertans have the supports in place to make it through this pandemic while caring for themselves and their neighbours.