Limited Camping Services Resume at EINP

Limited Camping Services Resume at EINP

Elk Island National Park

FORT SASKATCHEWAN, ALBERTA, June 19, 2020 – On June 22, 2020, Elk Island National Park began offering additional services and facilities, and on June 26 Elk Island National Park will begin to offer limited camping services at Astotin Lake campground.

Visitors now have access to the following services and facilities:


  • Entrance gate kiosks;
  • Astotin Lake Recreation Area including playgrounds, picnic shelters and Astotin Registration Kiosk;
  • Washroom facilities;
  • Most trails.


Visitors will have access to the Astotin Lake Campground, including show facilities on June 26.

The camping experience at Elk Island National Park will be different than previous years.

Camping at Elk Island National Park will be limited to visitors with existing reservations. Visitors are required to have a reservation in order to camp at Elk Island National Park. Visitors should check the Parks Canada website regularly for updates and information on services available.

Events, group and interpretation activities remain suspended until further notice.
Visitors are asked to plan ahead by checking the Elk Island National Park website before they travel to find out what is open, what they can expect, and how to prepare for their visit.

Visitors must follow local and provincial or territorial travel restrictions, including requirements for self-isolation. It is not possible to self-isolate at Parks Canada campgrounds. Visitors must complete any provincial or territorial requirements for self-isolation before arriving to camp at Elk Island National Park.

The health and safety of visitors and employees is of utmost importance to the Government of Canada. Parks Canada is following the advice of public health experts and continues to make every effort to limit the spread of COVID-19. Visitors should follow the advice of public health experts, including necessary hygiene practices and physical distancing of two metres from others.

Parks Canada is asking Canadians to be cautious and conservative when they visit Elk Island National Park and to respect any closures that are in place. Anyone participating in recreational activities should be extra cautious to avoid injury and/or getting lost to help minimize the demands placed on search and rescue teams and on the health care system.
Detailed information on Parks Canada places and the measures the Agency is taking to limit the spread of COVID-19 can be found on the Parks Canada website: Please check regularly for updates.