Lamont County Ready to Dig into Shovel Ready Projects

Lamont County Ready to Dig into Shovel Ready Projects


Michelle Pinon
News Advertiser

In an attempt to reboot Alberta’s economy after the sharp downturn brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic the Province recently introduced a plan to allow the fast-tracking of large shovel-ready projects.

During Lamont County’s special meeting on April 22 council approved a list of projects to be submitted by Municipal Affairs.

According to the Request for Decision, “The proposed projects will support the local agri-businesses and industry operating in the area. This project would also provide business to Contractors and suppliers within Alberta which would help to create jobs.”

Lamont County has submitted the following projects for consideration:

RGE RD 203 north of HWY 15 to south of HWY 45.

To design and construct four miles of municipal road to an industrial haul strength 9m wide paved surface. This project will be in support of Cenovus’ proposed DRU facility and future partial upgrader site.

TWP 550 east of HWY 15 to Elk Island Park

TWP 550 is utilized as a commuter road with travelers from both Counties Minburn/Two Hills to our east and Lamont County residents heading into Fort Saskatchewan. The intent of this project is grade improvements, sightline improvements, and safer commuter road conditions.

Surface Stabilization RGE RD 184 from Village Chipman to south HWY 29 and Surface Stabilization TWP 562 from HWY 831 west to RGE RD 191

The intent of the project is to provide a stabilized road surface for higher traffic volume and weights. The commuter road between Chipman and St. Michael services local farmers, NBI Feedlot and the Regional Landfill.

 Bridge File 01117

The bridge is located on Township Road 564, west of Range Road 183, approximately 3.5 km northeast of St Michael. This project would involve replacing the existing bridge structure with a new single span 8 m long SL-510 prestressed concrete girder structure on a steel substructure

Bridge File 02461

The bridge is located on Range Road 180, south of Highway 45, approximately 9 km northeast of St Michael. This project would involve replacing the existing substructure and widening the existing bridge. Other bridge files include: BF 74124 – Design report completed, P-drawings in progress. BF 71752 – Design report completed, P-drawings in progress. BF 7590 – Field work completed, design not yet commenced. BF 75747 – Construction on hold pending land acquisition.

Additional Road Projects:

Lamont County has two oiled road structures that are starting to deteriorate Moscow Road and Hospital Road in the vicinity of the Town of Mundare. Both road structures are in need of resurfacing.

Drainage Projects:

Currently, many of the County’s roads are low in grade, and without defined ditch drainage. This will require further resource allocation to address in a timely manner as the County cannot allow these structures to fail. Lamont County has engaged SE Design to undertake a County-wide Stormwater Management Plan to identify specific drainage projects and improvements. Problematic drainage areas that have been discussed with Alberta Environment include; Lafarge drainage, Woytkiw Licensed Drainage, Sunland Licensed Drainage, that would benefit from consideration for funding.