Creation of Sachava School District Successful

Creation of Sachava School District Successful

Michelle Pinon
News Advertiser

Andrew area resident Janell Yaremie breathed a huge sigh of relief after learning her application to create a separate school district had been successful on March 3.

Shortly after voting hours had ended after 8 pm that day Yaremie was notified by email that the majority of voters had voted in favour of the creation of a Separate School District within the Historical Sachava School District No. 1469.

Yaremie said she was extremely grateful to Sachava residents for taking the time to understand the process, to be open to it, and for voting on it.

The creation of the school district removes the per child $500 school of choice fee and the $455 busing fee. It also allows other parents who reside in the Sachava School District to send their children to St. Martin’s or St. Mary’s Schools in Vegreville.

Yaremie said the staff with Alberta Education were amazing and took the time to walk her through the process and provide the necessary tools to be successful. Her advice, “If you truly want something you can make it happen. Give it your 100 percent.”