Covid Kitchen Party Brings Art to the Table

Covid Kitchen Party Brings Art to the Table


Michelle Pinon
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There are parties and then there are parties. And then there is Debra Cherniawsky Durrer who has brought the COVID-19 Kitchen Party to more than 50 local families since March 18.

Debra, owner of ARTABLES, said she has dropped off 54 pottery kits curbside to families from Vegreville, Lavoy, Two Hills, Andrew, Mundare and Sherwood Park over the past month and a half. The kit contains blank bisque pottery, ceramic underglaze colours,

and brushes.

“Everything complete for an evening of creative fun. What is really nice about the concept is that it is an all ages activity and it brings families together for a different kind of gathering.” The end result is a collection of very personal pieces that mark an unprecedented time in our lives.  The dishes are perfect for dinnerware, and durable for dishwasher and microwave use.

I just happened to have a whole container load of blank porcelain in my warehouse for my own personal design work.   As a ceramic artist I have designed, imported and distributed tableware for the Cabelas chain and many independent retailers. I’ve had a national focal point for 24 years, and this is the first time in my career when I could reel myself in and focus on a local service.

Debra, who resides in the Warwick area said she has been very isolated because of COVID-19 and is happy to have found a way to reach out and engage local people. “I love painting pots and thought people would love the escape from reality and focus on family fun.”

She went on to say, “The Covid Kitchen Party has finally allowed me to focus on community and respond to the isolation and social distancing we are all experiencing.  I’m so happy to share my love of pottery, supply the ceramic pigments, the brushes and facilitate creativity. I thoroughly enjoy seeing the amazing pieces painted by all members of the family…..moms, dad, teenagers, young children and babies!”

The kits range in price from $6 up to $45. Debra said the response has been so overwhelming she will be continuing the activity on indefinitely. She has even received enquiries about Christmas parties. The “U Paint Pottery Experience,” as she calls it, has definitely bridged the isolation gap and brought families closer together in a time when it’s most needed.