COVID-19 Weekly Regional Update

COVID-19 Weekly Regional Update

Michelle Pinon
News Advertiser

The school year is fast approaching and health measures have been put in place for Kindergarten to Grade 12 students.

During her Aug. 24 update Dr. Dina Hinshaw, Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer, said health officials will monitor and update the guidance for schools based on the best evidence. Masks will be mandatory for Grade 4-12 students and all school staff in all settings where distancing isn’t possible. The Province is distributing more than 1.6 million reusable masks, two each to 740,000 students and 90,000 staff.

A re-entry tool kit is available for parents and students. A 2020-’21 parent guide is available in seven different languages. Several guidance documents are listed under the K-12 School Re-entry page on the COVID-19 Info for Albertans website.

The documents include: Guidance for schools on re-entry scenario, resource guide for COVID-19 outbreaks in schools, implementing school re-entry guidance, guidance for wearing non-medical masks, as well as guidance for libraries, outdoor fitness, playgrounds, sport, physical activity, and recreation.

As well, there are posters and videos available to download and watch on the website. Some of the topics include: cover your cough, do not enter, healthy distance, how to wear a mask, personal items, staying safe, and washing and sanitizing your hands.

According to the website, diploma exams will be offered in every subject in the November, January, April, June, and August exam sessions. Schools can offer Provincial Achievement Tests in the subjects of: Language Arts, Mathematics, French Language Arts, and Francais.  School authorities also can reduce the amount of time teaching non-core subjects to allow for additional instruction time on core subjects. Additionally, schools should have mental health supports in place for students and staff.

As of August 26 there were 13,083 total cases; 1,134 active cases; and  11,714 recovered cases. There were 46 people in hospital, of whom 7 were in intensive care. There have been 235 deaths. The number of completed tests were 903,052 (8,440 on Aug. 24) and 723,302 people have been tested.

In Vegreville/Minburn County, there were: 5 cases, 0 active, 5 recovered, and 0 deaths. In Two Hills County, there were: 9 cases, 0 active, 8 recovered, and 1 death. In Lamont County there were: 6 cases, 1 active, 5 recovered, and 0 deaths. In Tofield, (Beaver County West) there were: 15 cases, 7 active, 8 recovered, and 0 deaths. In Viking, (Beaver County East) there were: 74 cases, 0 active, 74 recovered, and 0 deaths.