Lakeland MP Endorses Three Digit Mental Health Hotline

Lakeland MP Endorses Three Digit Mental Health Hotline

Michelle Pinon
News Advertiser

On January 28, Bell Let’s Talk Day, Lakeland MP Shannon Stubbs sent out a reminder via Facebook encouraging people to sign an electronic petition initiated by Conservative MP Todd Doherty asking for a three-digit mental health emergency line. Stubbs stated, “Let’s end the stigma and bring an easy to remember three-digit mental health hotline for Canadians.”

E-2772 The MP from London, Ontario started the petition, (E-2772) back in late November of 2020 and it closes for signatures on March 27, 2021. The intent?  “This is supposed to save lives by giving a shorter, easier to remember suicide hotline. Canada’s current hotline is 10 digits long and this can be long and hard to remember, especially in the times of a crisis.”

The petition also states, “My hope is this new number will be more widely known and memorized, and we can help redirect mental health help towards mental health professionals and away from police.”

He also hopes that by having a three-digit mental health emergency, hopefully, less calls will be made to 911 about individuals in crisis.”

The petition also stated, “Every year, several individuals are murdered or injured after police are called for a mental health crisis, and this risk is especially high for those who are BIPOC, (Black, Indigenous and People of Color).