EICS Welcomes Federal Funding for Schools

EICS Welcomes Federal Funding for Schools

Elk Island Catholic Schools

September 3, 2020

Sherwood Park…. Elk Island Catholic Schools (EICS) is welcoming the $2.3 million in federal funding that was announced on August 26, 2020, to help support COVID-19 preventative needs within schools.

“We are very pleased that the federal government provided this funding to our school division during this pandemic as everything we can have in place to protect our students and staff is such a priority during this time,” expressed EICS Board of Trustees Chair Ted Paszek.

Moving forward, EICS administration will be reviewing how the funds will be distributed across the division in anticipation of the two installments which are expected at the end of September and in December of 2020.  The EICS Board of Trustees will be meeting to discuss the funding with the EICS senior leadership team at the September 16th EICS public monthly meeting.

“Clearly, all schools are facing significantly higher costs related to COVID-19, and this federal funding will be directed to assist with the increased costs that the pandemic has created.  At the September 16th meeting, the EICS Board will be considering increased staffing costs, cleaning protocols, and the addition of online programming through St. Isidore Learning Centre,” stated Chair Paszek.

EICS has been planning for the re-entry of schools since May of 2020 and has put in place significant safety protocols in all of the divisional schools, sites, and buses. All information regarding EICS School Re-Entry is available on our website located at:   https://www.eics.ab.ca/coronavirus-information-in-eics

EICS believes that we have a collective responsibility to ensure that multiple layers of protection are in place in order to provide safe, caring, and welcoming learning spaces for all of our students and staff.