Covid-19 Vaccine Scam Reported

Covid-19 Vaccine Scam Reported

Michelle Pinon
News Advertiser

During Dr. Deena Hinshaw’s Covid-19 update on February 4 she warned Albertans regarding a Covid-19 vaccine scam that has been reported in the province.

Dr. Hinshaw began her address by stating, “I want to alert Albertans that AHS has received reports of some people over 75 receiving phone calls telling them that they can book their COVID-19 immunization for a fee.

This is not a legitimate claim. This is a scam.

Due to limited supply coming into the province, we are not yet able to offer the vaccine to all Albertans over the age of 75. When we do, the vaccine will be free of charge. Neither AHS nor any other community provider will ever be asking for payment for the vaccine.

If you receive these calls, please hang up immediately and report to the non-emergency line of your local law enforcement.”

Airdrie RCMP issued a press release the same afternoon, (February 4) advising the public of a phone scam regarding the Covid-19 vaccine.

“People over the age of 75 are receiving phone calls and are being told they can book their Covid-19 immunization for a fee. AHS has confirmed that they will never ask for a payment for the Covid-19 vaccine.”

The detachment advised members of the public that if they receive a call regarding this, please hang up and contact them or their local police department.